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By newyorkcityescortsgfecom, May 27 2020 12:20AM

You can take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and date a Polish Top model. Born in Krakow and raised in Warsaw, Zofia has a breathtaking all-natural beauty and the most exquisite manners. Besides, she is well educated and traveled, and a beyond expert adult entertainer. She knows how to get the most from every second in life and takes pride in providing the best escort service in the world. Her oozing sex appeal and melodious voice will force you to put all your attention on her. You have never met any woman similar to this love goddess.

Respond to New York Escort invitation to experience a new level of sensorial stimulation

If you consider yourself to be demanding and attracted by exclusivity, sophistication, and perfect hourly glass bodies, then Zofia is your ideal companion. The Polish escorts are renowned for their exceptional attention to detail and their incomparable romanticism even while providing escort service. The level of satisfaction and pleasure obtained during an encounter with a Polish woman is extraordinary. Of course, she will take you to another level of sensorial and mental stimulation and complete satisfaction. Dating a Polish top model will leave you out of words to describe the experience.

Why are Zofia and Polish girls the Stereotype of the perfect woman?

Most people agree that all polish women look like models. Consequently, it is easy to understand how unique her beauty and talents have to be to stand out in the land of the most gorgeous women on earth.

Romantic and full of passion. Zofia is an unafraid woman who enjoys exploring new sensations. Also, she is always discovering new manners to give and receive pleasure. Similar to other Polish girls, Zofia loves romance, courtship, and flirtation. She knows how to be seductive and inspired fleshly desires.

Educated. Polish girls are extremely competitive. They make up more than 58% of Poland university students. Zofia is not the exception to the norm. She is more than a pretty face and a glorious body; she is in her third semester at international relations school.

Nurturing. From childhood, Polish girls learn to catch men's attention and being able to keep them interested and focused on them. She, like other Polish women, has in their DNA the instinct to protect and care for their partners. Zofia loves to be affective, caring, passionate, and make feel special her man. She enjoys life to the fullest and will do all her best to cheer her partner up and put a smile on his face.

100% Feminine and role oriented. Zofia loves to be treated like a princess. Also, she likes men that behave like true gentlemen and know how to gain women favors. She is family-oriented and respects men and their pivotal social roles. She feels comfortable and natural while being taken care of by a successful man, and one of her favorite sensations is to feel protected by a man.

Elegant. Zofia is always looking at her best. As soon as she wakes up, she pays attention to her fashion choices to appropriately dress for the occasion. Her hair and makeup are always saloon perfect. Regardless of the place where she will be needed, she will be radiant and dressed to impress without being overdressed.

Charming and Down to earth. Zophia's personality is joyful, easygoing without a trace of arrogance. She is aware that her remarkable physical appearance can be intimidating. For this reason, she is very approachable, compassionate, empathetic, and thoughtful.

Best NYC Escort Service. Zofia is a selfless giver and ideal host. She put her clients' needs before hers. She can establish rapport in seconds with anybody and can communicate and talk about diverse topics to keep people entertained. She falls in love and has a real crush with her client, which facilitates a GFE escort service.

The Best way to Explore Manhattan is with a New York Escort

Zofia was taking part in the 2019 NYC Fashion Week as a catwalk model. At the fashion show social gathering, she met Brian, a young successful finance executive. He was charming and flirtatious. He invited her to go out that night. However, Zofia explained to him that she was committed to be at the party for six more hours. Brian, as an assertive New Yorker, insisted on dating her, inquiring about the possibility to hire her as an NYC escort to paint the town in red. Without delay, Brian contacted the NYC escort agency and made the arrangement needed to fulfill his desires.

Rockefeller Center. The next day, Brian Picked her up and took a hilarious driving tour around Manhattan. They visited the Saint Patrick's Cathedral, to admire the Neo-Gothic architecture. Brian joked about walking down the aisle and getting married. They took a picture together at the Atlas statue across it. Later on, they had Brunch at the Rock Center Café, the attention and food were satisfactory. Nevertheless, the place ambient and the vibe was vibrant and energetic like New York City Itself. After eating, they took a digestion walk through the 5th avenue. Brian was talkative and repeated several times that NY escorts are the best partners.

5Th Avenue, They walked through the 5th Av. At the Versace Store, Brian saw a nice cocktail dress. Which, he insisted Zofia must have it. He bought the dress for her and a nice pair of shoes that combine perfectly. Afterward, Brian called his driver, who picked them up in front of the store.

Central Park. The driver drove them to Central Park and stopped in front of a magnificent black horse and a pristine Carriage Ride. Brian had accommodated a romantic carriage ride through Central Park. As soon as they got in the carriage, the housemaster handled an outstanding rose bouquet and a Ferrero Rocher chocolate box. Zofia was overwhelmed by the romantic scene. They enjoy the Fall Foliage and the falling leaves. The atmosphere was similar to any Disney romantic movie.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The ride ended at the Columbus Circle at 60th Street across the Mandarin Hotel Next to the Time Warner Center. They got off the carriage and went into a sumptuous suite on the 43rd floor with a million-dollar view of the central park and the Manhattan Skyline. The Mandarin Hotel is a sacred temple of luxury, comfort, and relaxation. The lavish style of the facility enhances NYC escort services because their facilities have all you can bargain for. They called the day off and spent the night together.

Second day. Zofia and Brian woke up early and hit the hotel gym. The gym was fully equipped and nicely set up. They workout for 30 minutes. Afterward, they took a relaxing shower together. She dressed up wearing classic business attire and waited at the suit living room quietly for Brian.

Asiate Restaurant. They ate breakfast at the ASIATE Restaurant on the 35th floor in the hotel. The attention and food were delicious, The Restaurant decoration and views were amazing. After eating, they return to their suit for some time together.

Grand Central Terminal. Zofia and Brian visited the Grand central terminal. At the Jacques Torres Ice Cream, they bought some Ice-cream cones and walked three blocks to the New York Public Library.

New York Public Library. It was the first time Zofia was at the New York Stephen A. Schwarzman Public library. She was impressed by the building size, the Frescos, and the number of available seats. They make a complete tour of the facility and its Urban Oasis The Bryant Park. Brian's driver picked them up and gave them a driving tour.

United Nations and the FDR Drive. They visited the UN area and couldn't take the building tour because it was already sold out for the day. They enjoy the ride across the FDR drive and enjoy the staggering Manhattan Skyline and the Harlem River. Later on, they went to the Columbia University Campus, the college which Bryan attended. Brian showed the dorms and some of the places where he used to live while studying there. On the campus, Brian asked some pretty students about the best places to go and the most popular clubs. Zofia was giving Brian a Girlfriend experience NYC escort service.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. The museum layout was impressive. It was designed to watch the entire Solomon R. Guggenheim collection exhibition without missing a single piece. The energy in the building was incredible, with a unique lighting and hall amplitude. After all the culture, it was time for some New Yorker madness. Zofia and Brian were ready for more.

Times Square. The afternoon darkness fell over the city and made the occasion ideal for the most famous electronic billboards. Times Square was packed with people leaving their jobs and returning home. The Enormous screens were as beautiful and awe-inspiring as usual. Zofia and Brian were very excited and were standing out the limo moonroof to enjoy the Electronic display. They felt so close and happy that they went into the limo and locked the privacy glass to enjoy each other's company and emotions. They recreated several well-known movie scenes while being driving around 7th and 8th avenue.

Madison Square Garden and the Empire State. The driver took them to the Madison Square Garden, passing in front of the biggest department store in the world the Macy's Herald Square. Brian wanted to go to the top of the Empire State Building, but he was hungry and litter tired for the adventure. So, he ordered his driver to head south. They passed across Greenwich Village and went to Lower Manhattan to the most famous American contemporary Restaurant, "atera."

Atera Restaurant. Atera is a Contemporary American Cuisine restaurant distinguished by Two Michelin Stars. Zofia was impressed by the large tables and the communal counter dinners. Sure, the counter dinners were large enough to allow enough room for some privacy and prevent any physical contact. But the communal eating experience was something new for Zofia. The Dinner was delicious, with a harmonious combination of flavor, colors, and scents. The courses were harmoniously accompanied by the right wines. The experience was rewarding, and Zofia and Bryant had a blast.

Space Ibiza. Parting like a rock star. They followed the recommendation of a couple of Columbia University Students. They explored the new frontiers for dancing the night out at Space Ibiza. NY escorts are great dancers. The place was pure energy and colors to the maximum expression, full of life and joy with hypnotic beats. Zofia and Bryant enjoy dancing while over-stimulating their visual and auditory senses. After a couple of hours, Bryant called the day out, and they returned to the Mandarin Oriental hotel where they spent the night.

The next day, Brian and Zofia enjoy each other's company the entire morning. They ate breakfast in bed. Then they wore casual outfits and went to little Italy.

Eataly at Little Italy. Little Italy was vibrant, but the destination was Eataly, where Brian has promised Zofia she will eat the best Pastrami Sandwich. Afterward, they went to Battery Park, Chinatown, and the One World Observatory. The three days holiday was remarkable.

Genuine and Verified Elite Companion provided by New York Escort Agency

Need a last-minute NY escort service. You can contact us to learn which models are available for you. Besides, the GFE escape for two or three days is better than a month vacation to ease your muscle tension and erase your life stress. Your privacy, security, and amusement are guaranteed when you trust us your companion needs.

Top Models Working as NYC Escorts

Hiring a renowned NYC escort or enjoying the opportunity to meet a Polish Top Model like Zofia is at your fingertips. Zofia will be available in the city for only 17 days, and she will be able to accommodate two or three dates during her visit. If you want to take this once in a lifetime opportunity, it is recommended to book her now. Dating Zofia is the ultimate sensorial experience to stimulate your body, mind, and soul. If you want to try the finest experience, this call is for you.

By newyorkcityescortsgfecom, Apr 22 2020 01:23AM

Today each business requires having its website. E-Commerce is growing at the fastest

peace than regular retail. People use the internet to search for goods and services and for

comparing prices and quality between different sellers. For this reason, any service provider

has to keep a current catalog of his services and rates on its websites. With this in mind, the

adult's entertaining industry needs to promote its business on the internet. Additionally,

escort sites take advantage of the unlimited digital billboards to showcase the beauty and

talent of their models.


Nowadays, most commercial transactions are made through the internet without the need

for a store or a personal office visit. Consequently, an online escort agency is the best place

to learn about the services they provide and associated fees. Important to realize, the

business’ sites offer a current gallery of the models, and it is the most trusted source to get a

companion woman. 

Can I trust online escort services?

Of course, you can trust online escort services. The most reputable agencies around the

globe have websites to serve their clientele better. Current clients have a username and

password to access the site and booked the model they want. The websites display various

lists of available models for VIP clients, regular clients, and even newcomers. There is

nothing to worry about if the selected website belongs to a reputable and legit agency. On

the other hand, for your security, some precautions should be taken when choosing an NYC

escort online. 

Should I hire any NYC escort agency advertised over the internet?

This question has not a direct yes or no answer. Like any commercial transaction, clients

must use their better judgment to choose an escort agency. The overwhelming tsunami of

internet ads can create confusion and promote the wrong idea of standardization among

escort sites. New clients are prone to believe that all online agencies offer the same level of

service. Also, unfamiliar costumers think that each internet ad comes from a trusted

business, which offers similar quality and privacy protection. Necessary to realize,

evildoers are always looking for new victims and developing new scams methods. For this

reason, clients need to implement elemental precautions. 

How to search for a reputed online escort service?

  Surfing the internet can be an excellent first step. However, the staggering number

of ads and websites displayed after your initial search can be overwhelming. For this

reason, the fastest way to find the best New York escorts is to use a directory. Furthermore,

the directory gives you several NY escorts sites, which you can browse and compare the

models. Also, after you select a perfect fit for your needs, you can either contact the agency

by phone or online. Also, you need to explain what service you are looking for, the model

name, the place, and the time when you want it. Using a directory saves you time and

provides you with several options for you to choose from.

How can I be sure the escort site is a legit business?

   The internet is a reflection of our modern society. As a result, you can find

everything on it, including con-artists and scammers. Since most scammers are very smart,

you cannot trust the professional website appearance. As an illustration, some well-

designed escort sites with great content and incredible pictures are fake. On the other hand,

some terrible websites with poor presentation and not writing content at all belong to real

legitimate online businesses. As a result, you must use your better judgment by selecting

the right agency. 

For this reason, there is advisable to pay in cash your first encounter if you are not sure

about the business reputation. To emphasize, trusting on friends recommendations or in the

praised and high ranked NYC escort sites is the best approach. Of course, a good directory

offers some agencies with the certified stamp or tag on it, which facilitates its recognition.

Should I pay an online NYC escort service in cash or by credit card?

   There is not a final answer to this question. When the agency is a legal business,

there is no difference in how you pay. However, if the agency you are hiring is new to you

and you don't have anybody who recommends it, cash is always a good option. In fact, no

agency complains about receiving the service payment in cash since several clients prefer it

to avoid any connection. Equally important, you can be sure you receive the right model

and pay her after she arrives at your encounter. Besides, you must keep in mind that the

payment should be made in the first 3 to 5 minutes after the NYC escort arrives. The full

amount must be inside a discrete card or a beautiful envelope and handle it to the model.

How to choose an online escort agency?

Available NYC escorts. The most important single criterion for agency selection is

the models working for it. Indeed, the myriad of clients preferences are challenging

to meet and demands the recruitment of sophisticated, beautiful, and trained women.

The ability to search the models galleries is always desirable and facilitates the

companion woman selection. Another key point is the warranty that the pictures are

recent and correspond to the model the client will date. 

Escort directory. A good directory only promotes trusted and legit businesses

whose identity has been verified. Using the directory optimized the websites search

offering trustworthy companies for you to explore. In contrast, the internet is

flooded with ads that don't count with any verification or customer support. When

the website comes from a general internet search, clients must proceed with


Reputation. The agency public recognition is the most straightforward manner to

identify a legit business. Reputable sites are the best source for professional

companion women and quality services. Although this may be true, the best NY

escorts sites are publicized by word of mouth from their satisfied clients.

Client reviews. Reading the opinion of current and past clients is an excellent

manner to get a general idea about the company. It is paramount that reviews come

from past clients, and those included NYC escort agency references. 

Payment methods. Most NY escorts accept cash payments upon the arrival of the

model. If the client wants to use a credit card or foreign currency, the tops NY

Escort site offer this option. However, if it is the first time that the client works with

the agency, and it was selected out of the directory, the cash payment is the safest

option to avoid any scam and to stay anonymous.

Years in business. The longer the company has been in the market, the more

trustworthy it becomes. The regulatory agencies and customer scrutiny are

permanent in the adult entertainment industry. For this reason, every year of the

business in the market is a warranty of laws compliance.

Service cost. Finding a perfect NYC escort match for the clients tastes is an easy

task if you visit the correct websites. The problem might be the vast difference in

the service fees among models. The service price starts at $600 and goes up to any

possible amount. With this in mind, after the client selects any model, he must ask

for her service fees. 

Independent or New York escort agency

Above the many differences exiting among NYC escorts, they can be divided into two

groups, independents or agency models. The two groups referred to the way how they

provide their services or how the clients can hire them. 

Independent Escorts. They are freelancers or independent workers that work on

their own. They established their hours of work and service fees. Frequently, they

answer their clients; calls and service requests directly. On the positive side, the

clients interact with the model from the very beginning. On the other hand, there

is only one companion model available, and there is no customer support. In particular,

neither the model identity can be verified nor her real intentions, which represent a high


New York escorts from agencies. Models working for agencies are carefully

selected to represent the business image. The client will contact a company

representative who provides guidance and orientation about the best model for his

preferences. Fees are fix and non-negotiable. The agency offers support and

mediation in case of any disagreement. Another critical point, models are examined

by doctors and need to be healthy and fit.

Benefits of the online escort services

Online NY escort services are the point of encounter for clients and thousands of talented

models. The websites exit for the clients convenience and comfort, making the companion

woman selection easy and fast. The most obvious advantages of using online escort

services are:

Convenience. Clients can search thousands of models from the comfort of his home

or office. Customers can access the agency websites from any internet compatible

device and book online. At the same time, they can learn about service fees and

open dates.

Client's safety safeguards. Being able to conduct business online from the safety

of your home is priceless. In addition, the entire process can be made online,

ensuring that the selected model will arrive on time at the designed location.

Hundreds of options in one place. In a couple of minutes, clients can search

dozens of agencies simultaneously on the internet. The most important and

reputable businesses have comprehensive websites, and those are full of information

and free to visit. 

Bugged Management. The client can set the bugged for the New York Escorts

service and adhere to it. The client has complete control of the models he wants to

hire and the fees he is willing to pay. During the internet search, he can discard all

the models, who are above his money restriction and safe time. 

What can you expect from an online New York escort service?

In a few words, you can expect complete satisfaction. The level of service, beauty, and

sophistication of the models is beyond imagination. Manhattan is the world finances hub

and receives visitors from all corners of the world. Thus, the New York Escorts used to

cater to the most demanding world clientele; therefore, the models exceed the highest


Real pictures, the client can always expect to meet the selected model, whose

physical appearance is the same as her pictures displayed. Hiring the professional

companion from the tops online sites prevents any unpleasant last-minute surprise.

On-time service. The model arrives on time, and the address and location indicated

when booking.

Discretion, The models outfit, manners, and physical appearance will never

suggest the commercial nature of the encounter. NYC escorts can mingle in any

group of people and interact graciously with them. Our models go out a few times

during the year; consequently, it is unlikely that anybody else knows her job. 

Hassle-free experience. Once the model arrives at your side, she will put all her

attention on you. During the encounter, you won't feel any rush or pressure about

time. The model will use her many talents to surround you with attention and

provide a pleasant experience. If the client acts like a gentleman, he can be sure the

service he will receive will be praiseworthy and more than he expects.

Taking advantage of the digital era by conducting all your businesses and personal search

online is natural. There is no need to walk around the city, going from one office to the

next. The entire catalogs of professional companion woman are at your fingertips and free

to explore. Must be remembered, the online escorts sites are the best source for your

companion needs.

The only risk you may face when hiring New York escorts from the tops agencies is that

you might become addicted to them. Practicing elemental caution measures similar to any

other e-commerce, or online transaction is enough to protect your safety. The legit

businesses follow strict conduct codes and follow the state laws.

By newyorkcityescortsgfecom, Apr 12 2020 12:11AM

Hiring a professional companion woman can improve some anxiety problems and social phobias. Currently, the number of men who are unable to talk to women or can even be close to them without suffering a panic attack is increasing. Excessive shyness limits thelife experience, work opportunities, and social interaction of those suffering from it. Hundreds of young professional men are deliberately isolating themselves because of shyness and insecurities. Consequently, their productivity and business opportunity are decimated. For this reason, hiring a New York escort can be the fastest and most effective

solution for their conditions. 

The new generations of young entrepreneurs are facing problems with socialization because they cannot talk to women. They are smart and creative, but their incapacity to interact with women generates frustration and psychological issues. Shy men are preoccupied with what women and others can think about them producing low self-esteem and lack of growth opportunities.     

How can an escort service help to overcome social phobias?


The main obstacle to overcome for most people suffering from social phobias is the excessive fear of rejection. This fear increases exponentially when the person has to talk to an appealing woman or asking out a female. Thus, being surrounded by an attractive and caring woman who acts in a compassionate and friendly way is an excellent approach. Unfortunately, untreated fear of rejection will worsen over time, leading to the complete isolation of the person. Under those circumstances, hiring an NYC escort can be the fastest and cheapest cure for this condition. The best management for this particular condition is

the "systematic desensitization", which can be achieved by multiple social interactions with women. 

There is an open secret that our escort site is frequently contacted by sexologists,psychiatrists, and psychologies to hire our models as therapist aid for their patients. NY escorts are professional companions that can establish rapport with their clients in seconds. The outstanding social skills, outgoing personality, and approachable attitude are beneficial for timid men. A professional companion woman is an expert entertainer who can recreate the ideal atmosphere of comfort and security for self-expression. The date repetition will decrease anxiety, and in a short period, the client will gain enough confidence to overcome the excessive shyness.

Why NY escorts can help men with social phobias


The NYC escorts are professional companions, and they are trained to entertain and promote conversations. Therefore, when a client is too shy and cannot communicate effectively, the companion women will make him feel comfortable. Not to mention, she will create a non-judgmental and safe environment for her client to start interacting with her. Besides, she will use a gentle approach to make her client feel welcome and secure during the encounter. Consequently, after some dates, the client will feel confident enough to start a conversation and express his desires. 

Expressing one desires and opinions in a non-judgmental environment helps to build self-steam. Of course, when a person with social phobia has a good time next to a woman, his anxiety symptoms decreases. In fact, after some dates, the person becomes so familiar with the NYC escort that he realizes he is able to interact with anybody. It is essential to understand, being surrounded by beautiful women, and being seen with sophisticated ladies will boost self- confidence. Some behavioral psychologists may consider this approach a good and healthy remedy, which can reduce social impairment. 

What is an Escort?

An escort is an expert men entertainer who has developed advanced social skills and can communicate with anybody in seconds. Also, she is a beautiful and talented young lady who enjoys meeting new people. She used all her talents to relax and amused her guesses. In a few words, an escort is a well-educated woman that possesses outstanding beauty and sophistication, whose job is toentertain men. 

Why are Escort services hired as therapist aid?

The many talents required to be a New York escort come handy for behavioral therapist aid. Professional companions develop amazing social skills and the ability to fraternize in seconds with people from all ways of life. Equally important, all our models share the following attributes:

The ability to communicate and capture their clients attention together with their down to earth and affective personalities are priceless. The therapist report, it is easier and faster to work with a professional companion than with other health allies. Clients feel connected to the models and establish a friendship.

Step by step approach. A NY escort interacts systematically with her client, free of any pressure or hurry. The client can share a dinner, talk about any topic, walk around the city, dance, or perform any recreational activity. The first thing to remember, the encounter control is on the client; the model is a lovely and super-hot facilitator. The models always follow the client indications with caution to avoid any unease moment or awkward situation during the date. 

Vocation of service. The client determines the encounter duration, how close canbe the lady, and the date settings. In particular, the client can become more confident and get closer or keep the distance of his comfort zone. Afterward,spending time with an exhilarating woman can ignite affection and desires that can accelerate social improvement. If the right buttons are press, they can get intimate and explore physical contact and fleshy pleasures.

Professional attitude. The fact that the model will be approachable and friendly decreases anticipation fears from the client. On the positive side, an NYC escort act always likes a dream woman. A professional companion never asks or demands anything but respect and elemental female considerations. By all means, the model will be tolerant, patient, and supportive during the encounter.

Compassionate and caring, the NYC escort is a compassionate aid that will offer anon-judgmental, tailored experience allowing personal expression and discoveringnew boundaries. Working with a professional companion ensures that she knows how to handle any social situation with grace and sincerity. 

Hands-on experience. Experimenting first hand a woman voice, fragrance, touch, and presence will help the client to decrease his anxiety overtime. After some dates, the client will feel relaxed in front of the women, and he will be able to talk to them. In fact, the client will develop advance social skills and even learn some tricks to catch the ladies attention. 

Roleplay. Every date, the professional companion will impersonate the assigned role, and she will do it with compassion. To emphasize, NY escorts are above average actresses. They can imitate girlfriends, wives, daughters, sisters, and any other character. Roleplay is an excellent tool to recreate different scenarios in which the client needs to interact with women. 


Is it real that some escorts are sexual therapist aid, and they got married to their


Yes, it is true. Sexologists hire professional companion women, who are interested in providing this type

of service. The sex-therapist NYC escort is a demanding profession that works under the direct supervision of a licensed psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will instruct both the companion and the patient about the expected exercise and how it should be performed. Most of the time, the patient completes his sexual therapy and treatment with the same sexual-therapist creating strong bonds. Consequently, the patient falls in love with his sex therapist. Because there is not ethical restriction or any prohibition, they can get married at any moment they consider suitable.

The mesmerizing beauty and easygoing personalities is a common characteristic of the models working in our NYC escort agency. Every day the agency receives dozens of flower arrangements, gifts, and letters from clients to our models. Falling in love with a smart young lady that will do all in her power to make her client happy and satisfied is natural. Most men in the world know what is to have a real woman caring for their needs and desires. Indeed, the most significant danger of hiring one NY escort is to fall in love with her. Yes, our models receive several married proposals during the year. 

Of course, some NYC escorts have married their clients. In like manner, some of the most appealing trophy wives used to work as escorts. One of the main reasons for sexual problems is mental or psychological disturbances. The anxiety generated around the male sexual performance can be devastating. Thus, the confidence gained through the therapy is revigorizing. By the same token, the level of trust and open communication established during the treatment is a rock-solid foundation for relationships. 

How many New York escorts should someone with social phobia hire?


The person who has social phobia should hire as many NYC escorts as he feels comfortable and able to tolerate. The rationale for this approach is the repetitive exposure to one stimulus decreases the response generated by it. Certainly, this process can be slow or fast. It will depend on the client level of impairment and self-esteem. Each date may decrease the personal insecurities and discomfort experimented when interacting with females. 

The practical answers to how many NY escort should hire are:

The client should start hiring one escort, and if he has a good time, he may rehire the same lady for a couple of dates. To clarify, there is no restriction on the number of escorts NYC. He can hire per date or week. 

As soon as the client feels the desire to hire another escort or two at the same time,he should try it. The new model must be warned about the client particular social situation. In like manner, the new companion should be instructed o how she must conduct herself during the encounter. The goal is to keep a joyful and safe environment for client enjoyment and self-expression. 

They are building up confidence. Once the encounter is over, escorts NYC will reinforce the idea of personal fitness in their clients. They will reassure him and let the client knows that she enjoys the time together.  

He can hire any escort without telling her about his social phobia, as soon as, he observes continuous improvement in his daily life. The elemental improvements are: the client is able to start a conversation with any woman without feeling anxious. Also, he can be close to female coworkers without feeling nervous. 

Why escort services are the remedy for timid men and social phobias

Currently, new generations of men are limiting their life experience because of their inability to interact with the opposite sex. Hiring a New York escort that is an awe-inspiring woman is the best alternative to fraternize with females. The best part is that the amicable personality of the professional companion will prevent any ill-feeling or discomfort. The client will gain confidence and discover that professional and personal interactions with females are not too difficult. In this case, the client develops the needed social skills ove time by the repetitive interaction with a friendly and beautiful girlfriend. 

NYC escort agency can help you select the most suitable companion for your likes and


When a client contacts our escort agency, he can disclose any particular requirements or personal

situation that he wants to address. Our savvy assistant will answer all his concerns and will indicate if the escort service required can be provided. Besides, our assistant will suggest the best companion for the client profile and personal likes. Admittedly, the gallery of models count with a plethora of outstanding companions that will meet the most demanding tastes. 

Repetition and training make perfection. If you or someone you know experiment excessive shyness or social phobias, you can suggest him to hire an escort. As soon as he can talk to stranger women without being self-conscious, he will be grateful to you forever. Finally, Social phobias and extreme shyness may be controlled or healed by the client willingness to overcome his mental barriers. The only risk the client faces is that he might have a crush on his companion woman. 

Nevertheless, he can hire NYC escorts for additional dates. There is no reason to prevent someone success and job promotion for being timid. The professional companion woman can help.

By newyorkcityescortsgfecom, Mar 21 2020 09:11PM

Working in the industry for the last 10 years, I have witnessed several seven figures payments for NYC escort services. The most impressive is that this staggering amount does not cover the agency's fees, transportation, allowances, and preparations for particular requests. Besides, top models and celebrities can charge more significant amounts for an opportunity to enjoy their company. The million-dollar club, which is the nickname of these models, demands similar attentions to a rock star or a consecrated silver screen actress. Consequently, there is nothing like a maximum fee, and the final payment can reach any imaginable figure depending on the chosen model.

Are the elite Manhattan escort service offered over the internet for $200 real?

No way. It is impossible unless you are part of a Saint Jude fundraising auction, and their wives accompany all the other gentlemen in the room. Consequently, nobody bids for it, and the price drops to those mentioned above ridiculous low amount. Since you are the only bidder, you get the NYC escort service and make the best deal of your life. Nevertheless, even in this unusual occasion, a generous gentleman paid the full price of the service and donated it for the auction.

Why Is Impossible to Get NYC Escort Services On Sale?

The reasons are endless; the charging fees of any real elite Escort Service are calculated based on many factors. As an academic exercise, the most prominent factors to consider are:

· Model preparation. Professional elite companions cater to the most exclusive clientele in the world, in which sophistication is the norm. Thus, nothing in the woman's physical appearance, e.g., makeup, perfumes, accessories, hairstyle, shoes, lingerie, is out of the mill or cheap. To get a general idea, only the makeup cost for a regular service is more than $200 Also, the hairstyle, most of the time, add another $300

· Model manners. The ultra-rich social interaction is completed regulated. The essential etiquette and manners are above three stars' Michelin restaurant or most red carpet galas. For this reason, the models need to be well raised and educated since their childhood in a sophisticated environment. The models' manners need to be exquisite, and they must know how to conduct themselves in any occasion and at any social level.

· Exclusivity, when men can afford anything, they start looking for the most exclusive items. The fake internet publicity claims that the model will work for 30 minutes or one hour and takes care of several clients in a row. The claim itself explains the reason why it is fake. A real elite escort agency will never book the same lady two times in a day, even just to go for lunch and dinner. The models set how often they want to provide their escort services, and most of the time, they take one date per month.

· Security and transportation. Picking up a model and dropping her off at the meeting even without leaving Manhattan is expensive. Besides, the escort agency needs to make a security background check and identity confirmation of the client.

· Escort directory. The escort agency fees are the portion of the model payment that the agency takes for making all the arrangements. The agency must pay publicity, ensures the models' physical and emotional integrity, verify clients, process payments, and maintain their privacy.

By now, you must be aware that the word exclusivity is always a synonym of scarce and expensive. If you are looking for the most exclusive companions, you should expect the standard industry professional fees.

Why business moguls pay millions to their Manhattan escorts?

Similar to most conspicuous consumption, many reasons can be behind the decisions to hire the NYC escort service of the million-dollar club. After you stop looking at price tags, you purchase any item that you like or which because you want it. The place and ways to satisfy your needs changes according to your social status and the surrounding environment. For instance, a low-income High school student may consider a $9.99 all you can eat buffet a luxury place to eat with his dates. After the young student finishes college and receives his first five-figure payroll check, he will go to a bistro or a fancy restaurant. Eventually, all the preferences of this imaginary successful young man will be reshaping and adapting to reflect his current professional and social status.

By studying how the tastes of self-made billionaires are different now than in their early years, the tastes and preferences adaptation to the person-environment can be confirmed. When any successful man requires a companion lady, he will hire an elite NY escort service to pick his date. Remember, a trophy girlfriend or a breathtaking partner is a personal statement of influence and power. Of course, the reason can go deeper and more extended such as:

·As markers of their elite social position. Investing significant amounts of money in leisure activities is a jet-set status indicator. For this reason, every five starts hotel has a presidential or imperial suit, with prices above the $10,000 per night. Consequently, hiring top models chosen from the most exclusive elite escort directory is a social maker understood by his peers.

· Symbol of their unmatchable income generation. Expending seven figures without hesitation projects the image that the expender makes money faster than he can expend it.

· To fulfill a desire. Successful men are creative. Creative people learn to work hard to make real their ambitions and desires. Necessary to realize, millionaires get a crush on celebrities, and they are willing to pay seven figures for an opportunity to have a date with their crush. Dating a high profile model comes with its particular requirements, and Celebrities escort service fees are enormous.

· Highly competitive attitude. Among the super-rich, the competition to supper passes others is constant and includes any imaginable life event. The most exclusive celebrities are famous for turning down hundreds of escort service requests even when seven figures payments are always sent in advance. The top model companions review hundreds of escort service requests and only accept a couple of them during a year. As a result, being able to hire an actress or popular top model as your escort is the best way to impress your peers. Not to mention, it is considered proof of the businessman influence and social prestige.

What is an escort?

An NYC escort is a sophisticated woman trained to entertain and provide comfort and relaxation to a successful businessman. As a matter of fact, this profession can be traced to the origin of human civilization. In Japan, they are called Geishas; in Europe's kingdoms, they are known as courtesans; and in modern America escorts.

To put in another way, a New York escort is the evolution of the European and Asian courtesans. They are women with stunning beauty, well-tone bodies, charming personalities, and captivating social skills.

How Can I book a celebrity Manhattan escort if money is not a problem?

Purchasing a membership of the million dollars club requires more than money. In fact, to most millionaires, this club is a secret society. The millionaires contact the agencies and try to get access by purchasing Escort NYC services and start building his reputation. The problem of this approach is that none can be sure if the selected agency will even offer this level of attention.

a) Contacting the escort agency. Contrary to people may expect, the million-dollar club is an ultra-exclusive by invitation service. There are only two manners to get the invitation and the privileges of this club. On the one hand, a current good standing member may recommend a businessman candidate. Afterward, the agency will study the person biography, public, and private profile, and depending on his merits, he may or may not get the invitation to join it. The elite and top expenders of the agency that have an impeccable rating and the appreciation from the models eventually receive an invitation to join it.

b) A personal interview with one of the Escort Agency CEO is mandatory; The CEO will explain all the privileges and the requirements to be accepted. A non-disclosure agreement is signed before acceptance. The future member received a handbook with the contract legal details and envelope full of disclaimers, responsibilities, and warrants.

c) The new member received a username and password to get access to the escort directory and meet some of the elite escorts.

d) After a couple of purchases, full benefits are entitled to the new member and the list of escort celebrities increases. From that moment, the member can request any member of the escort directory and even some other celebrities that don't want to be exposed.

e) The legal contracts are lifelong and failing to ensure models' privacy and safety will result in criminal prosecution. Also, the model and the agency will look for financial compensation.

How is a million-dollar celebrity escort service book?

The process is complex and full of paperwork. You can expect the same requirements for security, accommodation, and transportation demanded by a pop star.

1. The client files a formal request for the escort service of a big-name celebrity.

2. The agency contacts the celebrity and informs about the potential client and sends her personal information for her evaluation.

3. The celebrity accepts and sends a counteroffer with the expected amount for her escort services. In addition, the celebrity sends a contract specifying: First, what to expect during the date, explaining how the man must conduct himself. Second, the duration of the encounter and the reasons for the earlier termination of the meeting. Third, the kind of cuisine she likes any allergies or dislikes. Finally, all the particular requirements for celebrity comfort.

4. Base on my experience, the million dollars escorts are flown either to a sailing ship or to a private and secluded area in the Hamptons. Where total privacy is ensured, and the date can take place harmoniously without any interruption.

5. After the time ends, the celebrity is flown back to her residency

6. Someone from the escort agency will contact both ends and get the personal evaluation of the other side.

What is an escort directory?

An escort directory is a website that enlists the escort for hire in a particular region. Also, in this directory, sometimes, the most renowned agencies showcase a small group of their models. You can expect that every big city in the western hemisphere has its online escort directory. In London, Prague, Belgium, and Paris, and the entire US, those directories are standard and filled with options for all budgets.

The girls are arranged by several parameters to speed up the selection process and narrow the options. The girls can be filtered by nationality, skin colors, height, weight, shoe size. Also, you can select breast size, eye color, hair color, language spoken, among other things. Of course, these directories are not the most exclusive girls, and most of the models work by the hour. At the same time, it is possible to get the website address of a real elite escort agency. This is quite frequent in Germany and the UK, where the national legislation is more indulgent than in America.

The first thing to remember is that there is not public celebrities escort directory. In Europe, some of the most popular entry-level agencies offer some Playboy and Pent-House magazine models and porn movie actresses.

Why the press and media are always talking about celebrities escorts?

The shortest answer is because everybody wants to know which one was caught red-handed. Another critical point, when a celebrity escort is busted, usually is by a public officer or politician's faults. As an illustration, there are a couple of congressmen and a governor who resigned after they were discovered using taxpayer money to pay for their escort services. With this in mind, you can imagine how big the scandal will be if a well-known celebrity is confirmed to be a seven figures elite escort. Consequently, the survival of the million-dollar club depends on its secrecy and privacy. It is the only way it can protect all the parties involved.

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Our escort agency's mission is to empower women and to commemorate beauty, grace, and sophistication. We worshiped love and sensuality as the most powerful life energies, which can expand human consciousness and boost creativity. Besides, our models are aware of the power of love and the enormous amount of energy they can unleash during an encounter. For this reason, we strive to create a sanctuary of privacy for our members and new clients. Confidentiality and safety are guaranteed for life.

We create a nonjudgmental environment for sensorial stimulation and free expression

New York escort is the answer to the growing need for a legit environment where anybody can find real courtesans. We are a safe place where new clients can learn about companion ladies and their valuable services. In fact, our agency was designed to be different from any existing business in the industry. Where anybody can inquiry about the fascinating NY escort's world and discover how it can improve their life. We care about people and their unique experiences. Consequently, we provide a tailored person to person connection, in which gentlemen can meet discrete, unknown, and professional companion women.

We stand for a comprehensive escort service and must, therefore, do our utmost to address all our clients' concerns. Everybody is welcome and will be introduced to the most exquisite and sophisticated models. Indeed, we treat each client as the most important person in the world, and his satisfaction and enjoyment is the company motto. In addition, with our representative, our clients can share their likes and wildest desires without any restriction; we never judge. On the contrary, we will guide them in the best manner to fulfill their desires.

Nobody deserves a mediocre experience or to be ashamed for being seen with an NYC escort. Under those circumstances, we are proud to offer the most exclusive models that don't go out with many clients. First, most of the models who work with us only take one or two dates per month. Second, the model's manners, outfits, and physical appearance will never suggest the business nature of your date. Third, it is unlikely that anybody else around you had ever met them. Finally, Manhattan escorts are college students, catwalk models, and celebrities that nobody will ever associate them with courtesans.

How we operate

You can read about our policies, services, and guarantees on our website's blogs. We are a bridge that connects real high-end courtesans with men from any walk of life. We offer joy, excitement, and sensorial over-indulgent provided by exhilarating gorgeous women. We stated what our clients can expect and what kind of escort services we provide. Furthermore, we communicate our policies and what behavior we expect from our clients. Selecting us for your adult companion needs is the smartest decision. We will introduce only the finest and unique models to provide the best escort service you could bargain for. Also, we can make travel arrangements, dinner and opera reservations, hire private security, and transportation for you.

The best publicity we get is from the word of mouth of our current and former users. As a matter of fact, our clients' testimony and reviews are the best proof that we keep our word. Not to mention, we are proud to exceed the most demanding expectation and consistently deliver an outstanding service. We conduct regular security background checks to ensure the safest encounters. It is essential to realize that we will accompany our clients before, during, and after the NYC escort service is complete to assist in any manner needed.

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We don't want to sound arrogant, but we offer top models, celebrities, and stunning women for your companion needs. Our models can perform as your girlfriend while going out on a date or during an important corporate event. Of course, if you want to stay in the privacy of your place, a Manhattan escort is your perfect match. Confidentiality and discretion are paramount for mutual enjoyment, and our models will keep the secret.

The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) is the highest level of service a professional courtesan can provide. This GFE is intended to introduce mesmerizing women to busy and wealthy men. The result is always a pleasing, vibrant, and mutually enjoyable experience, which is full of beautiful memories and sensorial stimulation. The seductive model will put all her efforts to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and fleshy enjoyment. Our expert companion woman will irradiate love, sex appeal, and passion for flooding her client's mind. If the gentleman knows how to treat a lady, the experience can get super intense and lead to the complete body and mind relaxation with a fulfilling feeling.

We are perfectionists, and we are permanently looking for ways to improve our escort services. We are experts in the entertaining adult industry, and we cater to the most demanding world's clientele. As a result, we develop the highest standard for our companion women and their escort services. Of course, the Girlfriend Experience is delivered in five stars settings. On the same token, dinner dates can take place in a suitable four or five star facility.

Travel the world with the best companion at your side

Globalization and transnational trade demand to be able to move from one corner of the earth to the other. We provide sophisticated, well-educated, and well-traveled models to be your company during your trip. We reserve the most elegant and drop-dead beautiful models to be the perfect travel companion reserved for our elite members. However, this level of service can be open to new clients from time to time. We offer private jets, charter planes, and yachts to ensure a dream gateway or a relaxing weekend escape. Regardless of your particular requirements, we are confident that our models will exceed your expectations

You don't have to worry about anything else but your enjoyment and satisfaction. Our models will look perfect 24/7 and they travel with adequate wardrobes to be ready for any situation. Your travel companion woman could be a successful CEO, a celebrity, a top model, beauty pageants, and socialites. You can either travel with her all the way or make the arrangement for her to meet you at your designated location. Walking with her at your side will catch everybody's eyes. The models' manners are excellent, and their social skills are insuperable, making them perfect social butterflies.

What Would Be Your Dream Date?

We specialized in high-end companion women and celebrities. You can contact us today to be introduced to one top model. Besides, we recruit popular chefs, renowned baristas, famous bartenders, and the best-trained waiters and stewards to create the perfect date. Another keep point is that we can rent a private island, a yacht, a hotel floor, or a sumptuous Hampton mansion for your appointment.

None request is too small or too big for us. You can contact our associates and date planners, and they will work with you to make your fantasies come true.

If you have a crush with a renowned celebrity and you are a verified elite member, we might get your dream date. We count with hundreds of well-known actresses, singers, and top models in our escort directory. Moreover, we can help you to get a dinner date with your celebrity crush and recreate your dream date.

Why is it so difficult to get a last-minute date?

These delightful and accomplished ladies are available by appointment only. The preparation needed for any single date requires hours of work. To get a better picture, you can imagine that making their hair and makeup requires from two to three hours. Also, selecting the proper outfit will add another hour. Moreover, transportation to and from the designated location requires several security measures that take time. The logistics needed to provide this level of service makes it challenging to be able to get ready in short notices.

High-class Manhattan escorts are highly exclusive. They only offer their time to well-educated and well-mannered gentlemen who know the difference between NYC escorts and call-girls. Not to mention, the companion ladies are luxury men entertainers, which can be appreciated only by sophisticated men. Thus, new clients who contact us and describe a list of services they expect to receive don't know what an elite escort service is. As an illustration, they are confusing the opportunity to share a memorable time with a high-end woman with a $100 lap dance.

The point of dating elite companion women is the experience and the atmosphere created for enjoyment. Certainly, similar to any social situation in which sexual tension grows, a mutual desire can be present. The natural flow of the pleasant moment can lead to intimacy or satisfaction of fleshly desires. Nevertheless, whatever might or might not happen between the two dating adults is entirely up to them. To emphasize, reaching first, second, or third base is similar to any other woman you get on a date.

Real men know that more than half the fun of going on a date is anticipation

Before meeting a date, men could feel nervous about it and the possible woman's reactions. Most men report that anticipating the likely scenarios of any date generates excitement. In our escort agency, we welcome almost any client. However, we limit our models' exposure to the best possible candidates. Indeed, we select the most suitable man for each model. We prioritize considerate and polite callers and those clients with positive evaluation from our companion women.

The reason for our clients' selection process is to ensure that our models are kept fresh and elegant. On the other hand, matching the correct client with an adequate model prevents any mechanical or superficial experience. We apply the same selection criteria like the most popular dating sites when the client allows us to recommend the best date for his needs.

Our NYC escort can leave the date at any moment if she feels unsafe or uneasy

* Please keep in mind that we do not deal or do business with impolite, discourteous, or rude individuals regardless of the amount of money they want to pay.

* During the encounter, you are advised to limit your alcohol intake and never get drunk or intoxicated while your companion woman is with you.

* You must respect your companion at all moments and speak and treat her with absolute respect and the utmost consideration a lady deserves. You are paying for the opportunity to meet an exquisite woman and enjoy a moment of her time.

*Personal Hygiene and proper appearance can facilitate that our models get closer to you.

* Shaving and using lovely perfume is always welcome. Our models love to meet a man that looks like a groom on his wedding day.

Can I select a NY Escort from Your Gallery?

Of course, you can select any model from our public gallery. Their pictures are real Our escort agency will make its best effort to get the chosen model for your date. Once the model is confirmed, you can be sure; she is the one you will be dating.

If you are curious about celebrities and big name's escorts, you won't find any of them in the galleries. Most celebrities and public persons are unlisted to keep their privacy. With this in mind, you can contact us and ask about your celebrity crush. If we can connect you with her, our date planners may make the arrangement needed to make your dream date real.

We can disclose and share the pictures of some top models and actresses available for meeting with elite members and VIP clients. Before any information is handed, our legal department will visit you. You must sign and notarize several disclaimers and non-disclosure agreements.

How to book a New York escort

You can contact us at any moment to discuss your options and discover the different escort services we can provide. Kindly remember that we are an escort agency that introduces gorgeous models to successful men. Your courtship skills are essential for a delightful encounter. When you call us, there wi