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By newyorkcityescortsgfecom, Jun 28 2017 04:56PM

Up until a few years ago when a gentleman wanted the company of a lovely lady with no strings attached they would call an escort agency. In today’s day and age more and more gentleman are shifting from escort agencys to the new trend of “Sugar Daddy Websites”. This sparked my curiosity so did a little investigating. What I found is that most men are using the “Sugar Daddy Websites” because they say it is less expensive than an escort service and they prefer non-pros.

I think one thing you gentleman are not considering when opting to use a sugar daddy site is the potential backlash. Especially-

if you are a married gentleman. You see, when you develop a relationship with a sugar baby you chance her falling in love and wanting more. ( I’ve witnessed this) When a young lady aka sugar baby falls in love with you and you do not reciprocate the same feelings or get bored and decide you want a “new” sugar baby, you then risk your sugar baby becoming angry and vindictive. Vindictive women will call your job, they will call your wife, they will leak information about you to everyone they can, in order to hurt you to make themselves feel better.

Using an escort agency such as New York City GFE Escorts is a much safer option. We have absolutely stunning ladies, with warm personalities that are not of those as your “typical” escort service that possess cold personalities. Our ladies are happy and love spending time with kind gentleman. The best thing is while they offer the best of any gfe experience in New York , they are not looking to become attached. Which in turn is the safest option for you. While an escort service may have a higher price tag up front than a sugar baby, it will cost you a lot less in the future not only financially, but emotionally as well.

By unknown, Jun 2 2017 04:31AM

Hello Gentleman!

Here at New York City Escorts GFE we are givers. We believe in paying it forward to help someone in need.

As Maya Angelou said- " If you get, give, if you learn, teach"

If you are looking to pay it forward and help others out of the kindness of your heart. We have made it simple for you by putting together a list of charities.

Breast Cancer!/donation/checkout

Battered Women's Shelters:


Prostate Cancer Charity

By unknown, May 24 2017 09:43PM

1. Porter House Bar and Grill

10 Columbus Cir., 4th fl.; 212-823-9500

There are more atmospheric steakhouses in this beef-eating city, and certain kitchens arguably produce better specific cuts of cow. But all things considered — first-class service, opulent side dishes, grand wines, and traditional and trendy cuts of beef — Michael Lomonaco’s Columbus Circle restaurant remains the gold standard for the postmillennial, chef-driven, fat-cat New York steakhouse. Lomonaco is accomplished at producing all sorts of things besides beef; but if you have the resources, fight for one of the tables by the window, and call for a towering stack of those buttermilk onion rings and the double-cut côte de boeuf, which is hoisted to the table on a silver salver, with a pot of red-wine sauce mingled with fatty bits of bone marrow on the side.

2. Sparks Steak House

210 E. 46th St., nr. Third Ave.; 212-687-4855

In our humble, highly subjective opinion, the signature $55 prime sirloin at this venerable midtown joint is the best single cut of beef in the city. Order it at the bar before the dinner rush, while watching the first pitches of the Yankees game, with a goblet of inky red wine from the restaurant’s impressive cellar, and you’ll feel the rumbling, Beefeater ghosts of the city — from Paulie Castellano down to the great Diamond Jim Brady himself — rising up all around you.

3. Bowery Meat Company

9 E. 1st St., nr. Bowery; 212-460-5255

In the hectic tradition of many next-generation steak joints, Josh Capon’s downtown establishment offers something for everyone, including strips of “zucchini carpaccio” for vegetarians, an excellent duck lasagna, and one of the city’s best cheeseburgers for the legions of burger loons. But the specialties of the house remain the expertly prepared steaks, which — in variety, quality, and, yes, even price — are hard to beat

4. Keens Steakhouse

72 W. 36th St., nr. Sixth Ave.; 212-947-3636

No chophouse in the city (and therefore the country) has a stronger pedigree, and none exudes a more pleasingly funky sense of old-fashioned charm. With apologies to mutton-chop lovers everywhere, the dish to get is the imposing “King’s Cut” rib chop, preferably on a snowy winter’s afternoon, in the pub room, by the gently guttering fire.

5. St. Anselm

355 Metropolitan Ave., nr. Havemeyer St., Williamsburg; 718-384-5054

“Grass fed” is not a phrase you often hear echoing through the dining halls of ye olde steak joints around town, but the fine grass-fed strip at this next-wave Williamsburg restaurant stands on its own. Pay attention to the side dishes (the carrots, the fennel, the iceberg lettuce and blue cheese). At $39, you won’t find a better price for your slap-up haute-barnyard sirloin dinner.

By unknown, May 8 2017 05:25PM

Just putting moral issues aside and looking at escort services from a business point of view, there is no doubt that it is a thriving business and it has offered a lot in terms of both a livelihood and satisfaction from both ends. There is the notion that society tends to have over the issue of sex in exchange for money but over the years the view has somewhat softened and the stand among most people’s view of sex and how it essentially is being more of a personal view.

In as much as people castigate and criticize escort business be it escort in New York, Manhattan or even Miami the truth is most of them actually don’t enjoy their day jobs. Not that escort services are justified morally but once you view it just as any other profession it really is not as shady as it appears. It is the exact same way someone can hire mechanic or lawyer for their services and as long as it does not have any third party implications there is really no reason why it should be so criticized. And more so in this time and age.

There are many reasons as to why people opt to go for escort services and you will be surprised that even the men who actually get to hire these escorts are really not as messed up as you would expect. Most men who maybe say just want company and to have a good time will easily go for escort services, of which there is no flaw with that. Some just go there to get a new experience and get a break from the norm, this is because being in a relationship can be draining and even a long distance relationship may not always work out for the better that is why it works out so well. Some men just do it for the thrill of it. Say one is on a business trip and is just looking for good company to spend their free time with. New York escort services are always a great pick and one is bound to have quite an interesting time.

Looking at it from a different angle it has been a source of livelihood to many sex workers and escort services have given rise to reduced cases of sex related violence.


By unknown, Apr 29 2017 11:45PM

Do you like the coziness, service. privacy and architecture of Boutique Hotels?

We have taken the guess work out for you and have put to together of list of NYC'S best boutique hotels.

Our Top Picks

The Crosby Street Hotel

79 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012

Rated 9.4 ( 86 rooms)

Langham Place

400 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10018

Rated 9.2 (214 Rooms)

The Greenwich Hotel

377 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

Rated 9.1 (88 rooms)

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