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(929) 364-9001 ❤️❤️ NYCEGFE@gmail.com

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Have a question? We are here for you!


While we would prefer you to whisper the name of your favorite escort in our ear, you can also text (929) 364-9001 or use our website email (on the right).

And when you are ready to “rent a sexy girlfriend”, we offer two options:


Option #1: Put our agreed upon donation in an envelope that is in clear view for us to see upon meeting.

Option #2: Pay in advance and experience New York City Escorts VIP GFE. See for yourself why our full “girlfriend experience” is Ranked #1 in all of New York City.


Our exclusive “girlfriend experience” is for the gentleman who desires the ideal girlfriend with ~ No Commitment ~ No Strings ~ No Responsibilities ~ No Guilt…. Just sit back, relax and enjoy our exclusive New York City Escorts GFE with your drop dead gorgeous “girlfriend.” 


Your “girlfriends” smile will show you how happy she is to see you. And your “girlfriends” actions will show you how much she cares. Indeed, your “girlfriend” will be 100% attentive and dedicated towards making your night together the best girlfriend experience of your life.

It’s true. 


New York City Escorts VIP GFE provides the ultimate “girlfriend experience”: You experience all of the “girlfriend” benefits —— none of the girlfriend hassles.


Test us out. See for yourself why 96% of our clients are repeat customers. Experience first hand why New York City Escorts GFE is considered The Best.


Our welcome video says it all. We do things differently at New York City Escorts GFE. And we are just plain better than everyone else.


(929) 364-9001 ❤️❤️ NYCEGFE@gmail.com

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