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Escort Application

Escort Application

Escort Application

Escort Application

Do you look like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model?

Do you have legs so long and gorgeous they should be insured for a million dollars?

Could you give Victoria’s Secret models and Miss Universe Pageant contestants a run for their money?

If so, you might be what we are looking for….

Please only submit an escort application and photos/videos if you meet these 10 requirements.

New York City Escorts GFE Applicant Requirements

1) Age 21-30

2) Very Slender

3) Over 5’5″

4) 100% female from birth.

5) No tattoos/piercing

6) No drinking/drug problems

7) No obvious plastic surgery

8) Fluent in English

9) Have shoulder length hair or longer

10) Passport / Drivers license

We represent the most elite no strings attached beauties in the world and specialize in model and escort introductions.

We are an elite escort matchmaking service where VIPs meet 100% REAL models.

We offer our clients:

No demands.

No obligations.

No strings.

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