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Every escort represented by New York City Escorts GFE is over the age of 21 and has provided a passport or drivers license as proof of their age and verification of their identity.



York City Escorts GFE is an escort agency website offering adult services between consenting adults. The content and images on our website may be considered ‘for adults only’. If you are under the age of 18, or below the legal age required to view adult content in your country of residence/access, please leave now. York City Escorts GFE is not responsible for any person who may seek to access New York City Escorts GFE  who is underage or breaking internet access laws within their state or country of origin.



We initiate the introduction of escorts to clients  throughout the state of New York. York City Escorts GFE requires both client and escort to present proof of identity and age, and serves as a matchmaker between two consenting adults.



All the escorts available at York City Escorts GFE are of legal age and are represented by York City Escorts GFE at their own request. York City Escorts GFE does not engage in any form of trafficking and forbids the representation of  underage women.



Escorts are independent contractors. Escorts are not employees of York City Escorts GFE.  Escorts are responsible for their own tax and insurance liabilities.



Coronavirus: We require all escorts to show proof of Covid vaccination. York City Escorts GFE cannot be held for the health or health practices of any client or escort.



Under no circumstances may a client force an escort to do something she does not want to do, including (but not limited to) the consumption of illegal substances or excessive alcohol.



Filming or the taking of photographs of the escort is strictly forbidden, unless otherwise agree upon, in writing, by York City Escorts GFE on the model’s behalf.




At New York City Escorts GFE,  your privacy, safety, and personal data protection is our top priority. This privacy policy statement describes how we at New York City Escorts collect, store, share, and utilize your personal data when requesting our services, contacting us, or visiting our websites. To be transparent, we clarify the type of personal data we collect and the purpose for which we utilize that information. By accessing our website or contacting us, you acknowledge reading, accepting, and consenting to this privacy policy. Besides, we describe the extreme precautions we take to protect your privacy. Personal data means your personal information, name, identification forms, financial information, and payment methods used in our website or agency, including contacting us via the internet, email, mail, or telephone.Data collection, we may collect your Ip address and the voluntarily submitted personal information of the user that access our website or contact our agency by phone. The personal information includes full legal name, age, nationality, physical address, job address, mobile and landline telephone number, passport number, and country of residency. We use it to ensure our models’ safety and our ability to provide you, our offered services. Besides your personal information, allows us to tailor the best service available for you and the most appropriate manner to cater to your particular requests. At the same time, we evaluate your feedback and recommendations to develop new products or more comprehensive services. 



Your Data Is Used To

It is essential to understand, your personal data facilitates us to offer you the most relevant services and provide a personalized experience. Also, we perform security checks and screening to ensure your and our models’ safety. Carry out and process the required commercial transaction, including reservations and service fees payments, to deliver your requested service. Accommodate any request made by you. To deliver any service, you have booked or performed any transaction you have explicitly ordered to us.



How We Guaranteed Your Personal Data Information

We strive to keep confidential all your personal information, and we do not share it with any other third party or commercial entities. To the maximum extent of the law, we will not share your personal identification, financial information, services requested, booking information, or any details or your commercial interaction with us to anybody outside of our company security department and hired models. After the escort  date service has ended , your personal information will be erased from our database unless you formally request to keep it after being admitted as one of our premium clients. Although we keep our website advertising-free and without any direct link to other websites, it is possible to find an outsider link. It is not under our control or responsibility if you leave our site and decide to share your data on another website or agency. We practice the highest industry standard to protect your personal data and ensure your safety. However, we cannot endorse other agencies or websites.You have the right to know how your personal data is managed and what information might be stored. You can contact us at any time with your concerns, and we will take the needed steps to address and find the best solution to those concerns.This privacy statement can be changed at any time to reflect our company’s needs and to comply with laws.


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